January 9, 2012

Animation Production Art: The Middle

The Man Who Bled Roses
The concept for this animation began as sketches in 2006. In 2012, the project is getting fully rendered.

I am preparing a Demo for my dA comic artists' group #IndieGraphicNovels and this is the final product of the web comic/animation production. The effort went fairly quickly due to the incredible amount of professional hours I've spent as an Illustrator on projects that make "money". Have you heard of it?

Kinda hard to picture the narrative with just an image sequence? Maybe you should take a look at this Box.net file. The same file, seen below, is a story board panel/pencil page from a long scene in The Man's colossal corporate job. His building is a sprawling, over-crowded rat maze. One of many existential cross roads he finds himself inside of.

The pencils for the main scenes are re-scanned as whole pages. Now, I'm digitally inking them.

This story looks like it will be included in a larger book project and self-published printed as part of an anthology. As you can see above (I think), the art is slowly getting digitally re-inked for Print. Fun city, here I come, babies.

Man Who Bled Roses by Gargantuan Media Roaches by Gargantuan Media
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