May 31, 2011

The Man Who Bled Roses

The Man Who Bled Roses
A web comic and animation about the strange curses of the city.

The Man Who Bled Roses is an independent animated film that was, regrettably, totally destroyed in a fire a few years ago in 2006. The original film has been lost but not forgotten.

Today, I'm in the in the very early stages of re-assembling the entire project. Currently, I'm in a second pre-production phase as I re-draw several scenes and re-digitize them.

The story follows a grown-up version of Charlie Brown as he bumbles around working in Corporate America and falling in love with a beautiful young woman. This woman has absolutely no interest in him unaware of his affection.

After visiting a strange flower store in a lame attempt to impress his love, The Man inexplicably begins to sprout roses, thorns and vines from his skin pores.

When I get some more of this film re-constructed I'll post some images and clips.

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