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Paul Schmitt's Puppets
This book series is developed using emerging technology and traditional print runs.

The main pencils for the Puppets book are getting cleaned up. The art for the story and the central characters of Miette and Cement are taking shape and I'm surprised with the growing interest level in the book. Puppets which is being arced by Derek Edwards.

Paul Schmitt's Puppets
Ratso has a few thousand tight buds he kicks it with. Rat buds.

Also, I want to tell you guys about the two bad guy characters from this book the Glob (above) and Ratso (below). Ratso is a morlock styled mutant that spends his time chasing Miette around on a wave of rabid rodents that he rides through the gutters of the city.

A mugging in Central City goes to the rats. Ratso - the unlikeliest of heroes!

Adding hordes of small rats and having them move in a massive wave is admittedly pretty fun. Ratso, rides along the wave of rats like some kind of Ice Man as the wave moves beneath his feet like a mobile escalator.

Some art and drawings of Ratso and his hairy minions are located over here.

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