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Man Who Bled Roses Titles
This special edition poster is available now in multiple styles (canvas, paper, photo) at Deviant Art.

The Man Who Bled Roses is an independent animated film. The first start for this animation was regrettably and totally destroyed in a fire a few years ago. The original sequences are lost.

A few years later, I'm re-assembling this entire project as a short animated piece. Currently, I'm in the pre-production phase as I re-draw several scenes and re-digitize them.

A web based animation about strange curses, city livin' and this fella.

The story follows a grown-up version of Charlie Brown as he bumbles around working in Corporate America and falling in love with a beautiful young woman. This woman has absolutely no interest in him unaware of his affection.

After visiting a strange flower store in a lame attempt to impress his love, The Man inexplicably begins to sprout roses, thorns and vines from his skin pores.

Clean up is a fun time when two worlds collide. "Crumby Sketch Planet", world number one, is full of creativity, smudges and graphite smears. I love Crumby Sketch Planet because it is so informal and casual. World number two, Ink Planet, is less forgiving and much more demanding. It takes the creativity and channels it into neat, rational forms. The result of the collision is a clearly inked drawing.

This project's technique is based in Illustration and Comic art influenced (like a lot of my work) by Durer and Charles Burns. I'm trying to not rely too heavily on these two prolific artists as I go forward. It ain't easy.

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