Pencil Pages

A web based animation about strange curses, city livin' and this fella.

Drawing the pencils used to be my favorite part of making comics. Then, I realized how incomplete that many of my proudest pencils were. Now I agonize over them like an expectant mother. How things change, my friends!

In any case, the first image here is the original sketch of The Man - the main character from the title. In the first part of the story he interacts with zombie characters that are exaggerated versions of the this character's co-workers. They appear to him as nightmarish caricatures - evil-minded zombies that block him from the Pretty Woman he has become so very infatuated with.

The Pretty Woman character is another sensitive person, like The Man, who is lost in a dimly lit maze of angry, confused people. If the poor dweeb just got it together enough they would really get along! Unfortunately for The Man, he doesn't ever have it quite together enough.

A story board page of pencils with mini-compositions of each scene.

These characters all crack me up. There's all kinds of horrible things they gotta deal with in the story. They trooper on out of a sense of responsibility and duty even though the whole world is bizarre, polluted and loveless.

The only thing that is certain is more isolation w/in a group of other isolated people. So the title character looks outside of the traditional settings. He stumbles upon a strange flower shop in the City looking for the perfect gift to win him his love. Instead, he contracts a vicious botanical disease! Oh, the ironing!

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