Digital Drawings

Self-portraiture for an artist changes a lot over time.

A few of my sketches of a cross-section of the people from the old neighborhood. I've been meaning to clean up these sketches for awhile now...

Two blocks down from where I lived I used to sit and read outside this run down little laundry-mat. There were always bums demanding smokes and packs of screaming kids running in and out of there. Kafka and Tide packets were a welcome distraction.

Sometimes you find old friends in new places. Justin was one of them.

My friend Justin is a real fixture in the neighborhood. He is something of an urban legend in his own right for surviving being a chauffeur for blues and rock acts for 20 years - he is also known to wield a mean punchline.

Trouble comes in all varieties and shapes. This woman had seen her share of it.

A girl that I was very sick deep infatuated with. I never got more than her name out of her but she was always pretty close to where I was seeing a show at - for like 5 years. I couldn't decide if she was a New Face in Hell or just stalking me. All I really knew was that she was beautiful.

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