Digital Clean-Up

The Man Who Bled Roses
A digitally inked cel can take up to 20 hours but can also be re-used many times.

The Man Who Bled Roses animation features the main character as a real square. He is a nebbish nerd who suddenly falls for a pretty young muchacha - pretty woman that he meets at work. This character has always reminded me of Pugsly Addams or Charlie Brown if it was a Tim Burton project.

The Man, all he is known as, works at a colossal corporation, mills around to his cubicle in a murky unhappy way. When he finally sees this woman that he could potentially connect with on an emotionally level - he gets real uptight about it. Whatta square, right?!

Working at a colossal corporation finding his office and cubicle in a murky, unhappy way.

The script is also getting filled out with some action scenes due to the bleak monotony of most of the story. I'm adding some interesting scenes atthe Man's home and Office to really emphasize the rose plant's explosive growth cycle.

The pencil pages for these two or three added scenes are currently living in my sketchbook where they await being scanned into the studio MAC for some digital clean up.

The Man Who Bled Roses
An example of cleaning-up a pencil page into an inked animation cel.

Clean up is a fun time when two worlds collide. Crumby Sketch Planet, world number one, is full of creativity, smudges and graphite smears. I love Crumby Sketch Planet because it is so informal and casual. World number two, Ink Planet, is less forgiving and much more demanding. It takes the creativity and channels it into neat, rational forms. The result of the collision is a clearly inked drawing.

The Man Who Bled Roses
Some more production art in between a pencil and a finished inked cel.

The Man Who Bled Roses is scheduled to be the first animated short from me officially. Stay tuned for updates, true believers.

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